Sunday, May 31, 2009

Full Gallop Horse Trial, May 30, 2009

For me it was my last horse trial until returning to this same venue for August 28-30.

This added June 3rd.. I've finished the uploading as far as I can see, so if you can't see your pictures, do let me know...

Looking forward to introducing video for dressage and/or stadium at the August Full Gallop.. It will be f-c-f-s for the show, but I'm excited about it..


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carolina Carriage Club HDT @ FENCE

Well, I had a blast for the weekend, and I think the rain on Sunday actually made it all a little more fun! I was up the creek again on Marathon day, and I did get some good stuff for all, but especially for the Prelim and Int drivers who drove the creek..

At this point all the pictures are posted up, but I'm still finding a few errors in galleries. We should have all phases for each of you, so If you don't see a phase, let me know and I'll search again.

A reminder to you that I video'd the dressage phase on Saturday. I still have all of the files, so it's just $30 for a DVD, and $5 discount if purchased in combo with the photo CD, or a minimum of $100 print order. Use this: ORDER FORM


Monday, May 18, 2009

Chattahoochee Hills Mudfest, May 15-17

Regardless of the mud at the end, it was a great weekend! I was the second to last out, Joanna's Blue Box the last one I believe, and I just got a running start and ski'd up the hill as best I could..

Pics are loading now, and as many of you might not know, I put string them from low to high. If you are itching to see yours, just send me an e-mail, and I can cut into the line with yours...

Called in on this just a few weeks ago, so I did my best to gather my A team for three days of all phases. We did pretty well I think, especially considering the rain. There were a few dressage rides at the end of BN on Saturday that did not get phowtoed, as a camera was shorting in the rain, so please forgive on that. As alway, there will be a few mixed up galleries.. Just tell me and I'll move them...

Very much looking forward to next time.