Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Land Rover American Eventing Championships at Chattahoochee Hills

Hey again everyone! I'm back from the show, and what a show it were! 
DISC: $100 / DOWNLOAD: $95

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Back to the uploading y'all!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Horse Show Ventures Summer Fun at Chatt Hills June 12-13, 2010

Hey, wasn't that something to be at the first ever HJ show at Chatt Hills..  Thanks to Morgan and crew for putting on the party!

Read on, but click HERE to see all galleries..

So, if this is the first time you have been to a show where I have been shooting, don't forget that you can order manually from me as well as from the shopping cart inside the galleries. If you want the Show Disc of the entire gallery, you need to use the form. Just click on "FAX-ORDER" in the blue navbar below my banner..

Great to meet you all, and keep cool this summer!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hey Folks, I gotta get down off my nice guy toolbox for a minute and discuss something that is really hurting me these days..  If you see any sort of watermark composed of diagonal lines across an image, in my galleries or elsewhere, it means that I did NOT sell the pictures to that or any person:

That image will look like this when someone screen captures the image an posts it in Facebook:
 Please don't do this to me. I know you all have braved the cold and snow this season, but so have I, for all of the rides! No photographer you see at any show this year deserves to have their pictures stolen, and yes, screen capturing photos is not legal.

What I do when I run across this behavior is to:
1. Report each image to Facebook, and I have a direct phone relationship on the subject (sad, eh!)
2. Take a screen capture of the Facebook gallery of each captured image in the gallery, as proof, as Facebook will take them down.
3. Send a bill to the person who stole them for $120, which is the price of a single-rider show disc, for each gallery I see represented. (After all, that's what they would have paid purchase what they took. Any eventual legal action would be filed for five times that, which is what copyright law provides for.)
4. Showcase the person who stole them in the very top line of the show that was stolen. I leave it up there until payment is received..

I ask that if you see this type of watermark in any Facebook gallery, please report it to the photographer who took the pictures!

C'mon folks!!

Here is what it may look like if the images are purchased fairly and squarely:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Snowy Pine Top

Well, on the eve of Feb 12 at Pine Top, there weren't the usual cast of characters on the grounds as one expects at a horse trial, but those who were there were running around throwing snowballs and have a good time with what was coming down. We knew before turning in that it was to be a delayed start the next day. I did all I could to get to be so that I could rise and have coffee early enough to go out on the landscape photographer's trek.  Half the battle on landscape photography is to just show up! The other half is mostly something about narrow apertures and tripods... That was muscle memory...
It was an interesting enough trapse, but what was the weirdest of all is that it was the only time I can ever remember walking the Pine Top xc course and not seeing anyone! Really quiet and peaceful, and the air was spectacular.

I knew that it would be a chance of a lifetime and that it would mostly be gone by 3PM that same day. Glad I was there.  Look at more of it HERE.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pine Top 2010 Winter I Horse Trial

I'm sure you all who are used to seeing my trailer there by the office were wondering if I made it! I did, but my truck was misbehaving on the way down, so I had to just get in a car and come to Thomson! I was out there ringside for stadium until the light was just too dark. Odd thing as well at 5:30 was that it was fogging up a bit, so everything was getting even more wet than if it were just spitting out there.

All pics are now on line, so go on over to take a look.. There's a note in the show there about a deal for the show disc. See you all at the Winter II and III, and certainly at the next show in Aiken!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Horse Trials at The Ark 2009

Hey folks, I've got the show posted now, so go take a look!

When you do view your galleries, do remember that the photodisc for the entire gallery is not available via the online shopping cart, but is available via the printable order form, which you can find linked on the lower left of the nav bars.

The photodisc for this show is priced at a discounted $75, $65 (regular $120/$100) for the gallery download. Just use the order form to purchase it.


Pine Top October 2009

Hey folks, All posted, so go take a look!


Don't forget that the show disc is available, only not via the shopping cart. Use the order form, linked in my nav bars, to order that via mail or fax or phone.