Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Snowy Pine Top

Well, on the eve of Feb 12 at Pine Top, there weren't the usual cast of characters on the grounds as one expects at a horse trial, but those who were there were running around throwing snowballs and have a good time with what was coming down. We knew before turning in that it was to be a delayed start the next day. I did all I could to get to be so that I could rise and have coffee early enough to go out on the landscape photographer's trek.  Half the battle on landscape photography is to just show up! The other half is mostly something about narrow apertures and tripods... That was muscle memory...
It was an interesting enough trapse, but what was the weirdest of all is that it was the only time I can ever remember walking the Pine Top xc course and not seeing anyone! Really quiet and peaceful, and the air was spectacular.

I knew that it would be a chance of a lifetime and that it would mostly be gone by 3PM that same day. Glad I was there.  Look at more of it HERE.

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