Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook Ready Buying Option Now Available!!!

So, let me go ahead and start the next internet photography revolution! Starting right now a Web-Ready gallery is available for $50 for any gallery I have on line. Max width or height will be 350 pixels, and I'll put a little logo in there where it won't interfere with the crux of the image. I'll give this a trial until after my May horse trial, the last before the Fall season in the south kicks in, then make a decision as to whether to continue this.....

Save the two pics I have put into a sample gallery, unprotected, is here:

I'll eventually amend my order form to include the option, but for now jst use my on-line order form and write Web-Ready Gallery Download and $50 in the appropriate space. I'll then set up your gallery to allow you to save them from there, and that does it.


My fax machine is standing by!

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